Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Take Your Business to a New Level by Engaging a Mobile Phone App Development Company

Can you imagine a day in your life without a mobile phone? A blunt ‘No’… what most of us would respond. Mobile devices have made way into our lives in an unprecedented way, which we haven’t experienced before. The core functionality of these devices is way beyond calling or texting as they are powered by a host of applications that could be run to serve almost every possible purpose.

Given the current hype regarding the usage and benefits of mobile apps, businesses across the globe have begun transitioning from the objective world of traditional advertisement to the mobile realm. Now, you might be wondering that your business doesn’t require a mobile app to pitch in to your loyal customers. While this might have been feasible in the past but today you will need a mobile app to remain competitive. Doing so will help you to reap in the massive benefits right out of the gate. Have a look:
  •  Allow You to Remain Future Proof: By getting a dedicated mobile app, a business becomes better equipped for the future and stands a chance to gain greatly from future technologies.
  • Augmenting Brand Image: To succeed in today’s technology driven world, a strong brand image is critical. With a dedicated mobile app by their side, businesses can create a good impression about their brand on potential customers.
  • Generate New Sales Channel: New revenue channels can be opened by monetizing the apps, which can be done by incorporating paid features and in-app advertisements. Such an app opens new sales channel when a customer is ready to make payments from the app’s dashboard.
  • Increase Customer Engagement: Mobile apps assist in providing real-time engagement with the customers. This allows businesses to build stronger and better relations with their customers.
  • Promote Sales through Push Notifications: With push notifications, app users can be informed about the latest developments. This keeps their customers up to date about the latest offers and deals, which impels them to take action and make a purchase through the app.
So, if you wish to reap the aforementioned benefits, you would require partnering with a reliable Mobile App Development Company that can improve visibility, generate better sales, and augment the brand awareness for your business.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors by Indulging in Mobile Application Development

In this era of smart phones, i pads and tablets, having an up and running site isn’t adequate. With more than 45% of search queries originating from web-enabled devices, the need of being available on every mobile internet device has become inevitable. In fact, these devices are no longer mere luxury, but a requirement which has become crucial in so many ways. The popularity of smart phones and other such devices could be attributed to mobile applications that can be easily downloaded on these devices, and could be utilized for numerous purposes. From shopping, playing games to staying updated about the recent happenings, there is almost an app for everything. 

This revolution has witnessed a steep surge in businesses looking to expand their customer base by investing in mobile app development. By getting a dedicated mobile app developed for their particular products and services, businesses can reach out to their target audience even while on the go. Since, application development for mobile implies the development of an app exclusively for the web enabled devices; businesses contemplating investing in mobile apps should have strong business acumen and complete understanding of the ongoing trends.

Have a look at few things that you need to consider, before deciding on a specific mobile application:

·         Platform: It is necessary to select the ideal mobile platform, before indulging in mobile app development. An app developed on one platform cannot run on other platforms. Moreover, there are certain mobile apps that could only be developed using certain specific technologies.

·         Client Base: Before indulging in mobile app development, it is important to determine your target audience. Whether you wish to get an app developed for individual users or businesses, providing the right information to your app development partner can make the entire process of planning, designing and development easy.

·         Budget & Timing: Finally, you need to consider the cost involved in developing mobile apps and the time required to get it launched. This would require you to do some basic research on the apps used by your competitors and the budget within which they got their product delivered.

The sole purpose of having a mobile application is to strike the right chord amongst the customers. With a dedicated, robust and innovative mobile app by their side, businesses can manage to have a strong web presence while remain ahead of their customers.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Major Benefits of iphone Application Development for Your Business

Smart phones have become an indispensable aspect of our lives. With the escalating demand for smartphone, the demand for mobile application development has also seen a steep rise. Among the entire available smart phone across the globe, iPhone is considered to be the leading player especially in the American market. So, if your business is looking to perk up the efficiency and communication at multiple levels, then investing in iPhone application development can help you place your best foot ahead.

Developing a unique and dedicated iPhone app for your business will not just augment your company’s efficiency, but may also assist you as an adept internet marketing tool for reaching a diverse audience quickly and effectively. Apart from helping you build a strong relationship with your existing clients, your business can tremendously benefit from the marketing potential of an iPhone App.

With a constantly growing community worldwide, there is a lot that iPhone App development offers:
  • The Brand: Given the brand value of iPhones, they have been sold like hot cakes. This has presented a great opportunity for app development companies to tap into this segment so as to provide unique experiences to the users.
  • Constantly Evolving Market: The pace at which the mobile market is growing keeps iOS app development at the centre of all. Developers are indeed getting an opportunity to cater to the needs of a segmented and a premium user base. All this has paved way for iOS app development companies striving to carve a niche for themselves.
  •  Ease of Accessibility: With the release of new versions of the iOS updates, Apple has rolled out SDK for download. This has eased the job of iOS development companies who are looking to market their apps on the App store.
  • Popularity: The popularity of iPhone applications differ on the basis of genres. This provides for a more elite experience as users consider them as an extension of their day to day lives.
iPhone Application are being used in varied areas of our lives, ranging from games and entertainment to intricate business procedures. So, the benefit of an iOS application for iPhone lies in its adaptability and flexibility.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Engage the Services of a Professional Android Mobile App Developer to Get An Edge Over Your Competitors

The mobile application development market is dominated by Android, which is an open source platform. Today, Android app market is inundated with more than 750,000 apps that are being already developed. With major Smartphone players like Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc. joining the Android bandwagon, large group of consumers are looking for mobile app developers for building innovative applications. This in fact has provided Android application developers with a wide open market for distributing their apps with apps been developed across wide range of categories such as education, health, real-estate, games and business applications.  
Today, developers have a preference for Android platform because of its various functionalities, wide capabilities and large community of developers. This has allowed developers to create innovative apps that besides being of great quality could be availed within a reasonable budget. Moreover, with the availability of mobile devices that comes with high end graphics and other cool features, the quality of the Android apps gets enhanced.
Android mobile app developers rely on the use of various technologies including Java, Python, Ruby etc which indeed are ideal for Android application development projects. This platform is a multi-user Linux system in which each app runs with its own Linux process. Additionally, developers can get easy access to a range of development tools that are available in Android software development kit (SDK) for easier development. 

It also allows developers to get a quick flavour of Android app development. Developers can get quick access to the existing APIs in order to build robust and complex third party Android applications. Other advantages of Android development are wide library for images, a complete library for 2D and 3D graphics and Bluetooth technologies for transfer of data, SQLite for data-storage and IPC message exchange. 

Today, Android Application Development platform has outshone other mobile platforms and has gained a strong foothold in the mobile application development industry. Businesses looking to carve a niche for them in the app development arena should opt for Android app development. This indeed would help them reach a wider audience base as compared to other mobile platforms. In a nutshell, this platform allows space for the applications to grow and expand as per the growing needs of a business that too with easy feature integration.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Android or Apple – Choose the Best for Your Business

In this technology driven era, mobile internet devices such as smart phones and tablets have revolutionized the way people interact with each other. This has in fact paved way for a better communication system that will provide businesses with access to more and relevant information which will benefit them tremendously. 

Today, the mobile market place is reined by two dominant players i.e. Apple and Samsung, which are the respective producers of the iPhone and Android-based phones. While businesses are leveraging upon the tremendous potential of mobile technologies, they still face the perennial dilemma of determining the right device (Android or Ios) for them. 

Let’s take a look at the relative benefits and drawbacks of both the Apple iPhone and Android phones as they apply to your business:

  •  Ease of Usage: Apple’s iOS operating system has a crisp and clean interface, and is thus easy to use as compared to its counterpart. On the other hand Android OS offers users a comparatively better ease of access to lower functions like disabling microphone and cameras.
  •  Durability: While both Apple and Android place a premium on minimalism, and are similar in shape, size and design, build quality is an issue with Android based phones. If appearance is something which matters to your business, then iPhone should be your best bet. 
  • Application Availability: While popular apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, are available on both the systems, the Android app ecosystem has a lot to offer both to businesses and developers alike. However, if your business just requires some basic apps, buying an iPhone will suffice.
  • Bespoke Apps: One of the biggest drawbacks of using an iPhone is that you would require engaging the services of a licensed developer to get a customized app developed for your business. However, businesses find a permissive ecosystem in the Android world if they wish to build apps for their specific requirements.
  • Price: When it comes to price, Android phones are the undisputed leaders. Though, Android phones have been improving on their quality and size over the years, it still offers much cheaper prices as compared to its iPhone counterpart because of its replaceable battery.
  • Quick iPhone Updates: iPhone owners receive regular and quick iOS updates as compared to their Android counterparts, which takes months to appear on all the devices.
With all that said, you are all set to make your purchase that much depends on your business requirements.