Friday, 16 December 2016

Android or Apple – Choose the Best for Your Business

In this technology driven era, mobile internet devices such as smart phones and tablets have revolutionized the way people interact with each other. This has in fact paved way for a better communication system that will provide businesses with access to more and relevant information which will benefit them tremendously. 

Today, the mobile market place is reined by two dominant players i.e. Apple and Samsung, which are the respective producers of the iPhone and Android-based phones. While businesses are leveraging upon the tremendous potential of mobile technologies, they still face the perennial dilemma of determining the right device (Android or Ios) for them. 

Let’s take a look at the relative benefits and drawbacks of both the Apple iPhone and Android phones as they apply to your business:

  •  Ease of Usage: Apple’s iOS operating system has a crisp and clean interface, and is thus easy to use as compared to its counterpart. On the other hand Android OS offers users a comparatively better ease of access to lower functions like disabling microphone and cameras.
  •  Durability: While both Apple and Android place a premium on minimalism, and are similar in shape, size and design, build quality is an issue with Android based phones. If appearance is something which matters to your business, then iPhone should be your best bet. 
  • Application Availability: While popular apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, are available on both the systems, the Android app ecosystem has a lot to offer both to businesses and developers alike. However, if your business just requires some basic apps, buying an iPhone will suffice.
  • Bespoke Apps: One of the biggest drawbacks of using an iPhone is that you would require engaging the services of a licensed developer to get a customized app developed for your business. However, businesses find a permissive ecosystem in the Android world if they wish to build apps for their specific requirements.
  • Price: When it comes to price, Android phones are the undisputed leaders. Though, Android phones have been improving on their quality and size over the years, it still offers much cheaper prices as compared to its iPhone counterpart because of its replaceable battery.
  • Quick iPhone Updates: iPhone owners receive regular and quick iOS updates as compared to their Android counterparts, which takes months to appear on all the devices.
With all that said, you are all set to make your purchase that much depends on your business requirements.

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